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Teaching While Retired

You may work in a non-covered part-time teaching position or an adjunct teaching position with your former employer and continue to receive your retirement benefits, provided you have a bona fide break in service of at least one full calendar month from your retirement date over a period you normally would work. This includes teachers who retire under an early retirement incentive program (ERIP). If you wish to work in more than one part-time position for your former employer, the total number of hours for all positions cannot exceed a part-time schedule.

Periods of leave with or without pay, including educational leave and sabbaticals, as well as intersession periods do not count toward satisfying the bona fide break in service. If you are on a nine-, 10- or 11-month contract, summer breaks also do not satisfy this break.


If you are a retired teacher or faculty member and want to teach while you are retired, contact your former human resource office to determine the earliest you could return to a non-covered part-time teaching position without interrupting your retirement benefits.

K-12 Critical Shortage Positions

You may be eligible to teach or serve as a principal or assistant principal in a designated critical shortage position for a Virginia public school. You do not have to retire as a teacher or school administrator as long as you become licensed by the Virginia Board of Education for the position you will hold.

Positions are full time and temporary (non-covered) for the current school year; and if you qualify, you will continue to receive your retirement benefits. If you are on VRS disability retirement, you cannot work in a critical shortage position and continue to receive your retirement benefit.

To be considered for a K-12 critical shortage position, you must:

For more information on critical shortage designations and how to apply, visit the Department of Education website or contact the school system where you would like to work.

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