As provided in the state budget recently passed during the General Assembly 2020 special session, retirees and their beneficiaries as well as long-term disability participants enrolled in the State Health Benefits Program will have a premium holiday for the month of December. The January benefit (payable December 31) will display a $0 insurance premium charge. Retirees also will not receive the offsetting health insurance credit for the state health insurance premium. The credit is a reimbursement for premiums paid.

If the retiree is paying other eligible health insurance premiums, the December health insurance credit will be paid if the retiree has reported this additional premium information to VRS using the Request for Health Insurance Credit (VRS-45). Retirees who pay other eligible health insurance premiums and have not filed a VRS-45 with VRS can complete and submit the form to update their information. Reimbursement will be provided in the next available benefit payment.