Are You on Track?

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

Get up to speed on your VRS membership and the importance of planning now for your future. Topics include an overview of your VRS benefits and optional programs, why you may want to purchase prior service, and member account resources, such as myVRS.

Are You Ready to Retire?

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

If you are within five years of retirement, this presentation guides you through important decisions, such as when to retire and selecting a benefit payout option. Other topics include using myVRS and your benefits after retirement.

Benefit Payout Options

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

Did you know there are four payout options to choose from when retiring? Learn more about each option to help you make your selection at retirement. You’ll also gain insights into retirement basics, like eligibility, and how a benefit is calculated.

Hazardous Duty: Political Subdivisions

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

This webinar is for employees in VRS-covered positions eligible for enhanced hazardous duty benefits. Topics include eligibility requirements and how other benefits, such as disability retirement and the purchase of prior service credit, apply to enhanced hazardous duty positions.

Hazardous Duty: VaLORS

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

Learn about retirement eligibility requirements for hazardous duty positions, eligibility for the hazardous duty supplement, and how multipliers are used to calculate the service retirement benefit. Also discover VRS resources available to help you plan your future.

Health Insurance Credit

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2, Hybrid Retirement Plan

For many, health insurance tends to be the largest deduction from a retirement benefit. But did you know a portion of your health insurance premiums may be covered as a retirement benefit? Learn about the health insurance credit, who is eligible, how it’s calculated and how to claim it.

Purchase of Prior Service

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

Learn about the types of prior service that can be purchased and credited to your member account and how it affects your retirement benefit. Discover how to calculate the cost of purchase, methods of payment and how to initiate the purchase process online.

VRS Overview

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

Knowing your VRS retirement plan is the starting point for understanding the member benefits available to you. Topics covered include the value of your benefit, vesting and retirement eligibility, along with ways to enhance your benefit for retirement.

Your Next Steps

Plan Type: Plan 1 or Plan 2

If you are fewer than 12 months away from retirement, this presentation walks you through the retirement application process. Topics include a timeline of action items, an overview of online retirement in myVRS for those eligible, required forms, post-retirement considerations (such as taxes and COLA) and your VRS resources after retirement.