If you are involuntarily separated from covered employment, you may be eligible for severance benefits administered by VRS. An involuntary separation is a layoff because of a budget reduction, agency reorganization, workforce downsizing or other cause not related to job performance or misconduct. If you voluntarily leave or retire from your position, you are not eligible for severance benefits.

Workforce Transition Act (WTA)

If you are a state employee and involuntarily separated from employment, you may be eligible for transitional severance benefits under the Workforce Transition Act (WTA). If you voluntarily resign or retire from state employment, you are not eligible for benefits under WTA.

Transitional Benefits Program

For teachers, other school employees (cafeteria workers, bus drivers and maintenance workers) and political subdivision employees whose employers have elected to participate in the Transitional Benefits Program.

Special waiver for selected positions

If you hold one of the following positions, are involuntarily separated from employment for reasons other than cause and are credited with 20 or more years of service credit at the time of termination, you may be eligible to retire with an unreduced benefit as early as age 50 if you are in Plan 1 or as early as age 60 if you are in Plan 2 or the Hybrid Retirement Plan. Your employer must certify your eligibility on the Certification of Exception from General Early Retirement Provisions (VRS-8). If you return to covered employment, you will be subject to the normal provisions for unreduced or reduced retirement under your plan, unless you are in a position that qualifies for this special waiver:

  • Agency head appointed by the governor, a state board, commission or council
  • School superintendent
  • County, city or town manager or attorney
  • Constitutional officer (if your position is abolished)