Online Retirement

Online retirement is now available to most VRS members. Log in to your myVRS account and explore the Retirement Planning section. VRS members (with a few exceptions) can retire online. Exceptions include but are not limited to those retiring with:

  • Hazardous duty service.
  • Judicial service.
  • Long-term disability in their record or retiring on disability.
  • Approved Domestic Relations Orders (ADRO) on file.
  • Ongoing purchase of prior service agreements.

If you are eligible to retire using the online system, you will see the Apply Now button. If not, you will see a message that VRS cannot accept your online application at this time, and you can submit a paper application directly to VRS.

Paper Forms Available

The Application for Service Retirement (VRS-5) remains available on the VRS website during the transition to online retirement. If you are retiring on disability, you will continue to use the Application for Disability Retirement (VRS-6) and associated forms.

Additional information: Visit the Getting Ready to Retire webpage and also see Applying for Retirement.

Getting Started Online

When your retire online in myVRS, you will find pre-retirement counseling information, including videos and step-by-step guidance at key decision points. While the online experience is designed to be intuitive and self-service, you may contact VRS for assistance at any point.

Submission Process

  • You may apply online up to 120 days before your retirement date. VRS encourages early submissions to allow for processing time. Applying within fewer than 60 days of the retirement date may cause a delay in the first benefit payment. In such cases, the benefit would be paid retroactively to the retirement date.
  • Before starting the online application, review the pre-retirement counseling pages and gather information you will need (e.g., bank routing and account numbers for direct deposit, health insurance premiums paid if applying for the health insurance credit, and survivor information if choosing the Survivor Option.)
  • At any point before submission, you can stop and save or cancel the online application.
  • Once the application is submitted electronically, no changes can be made online. Any changes will require contacting VRS.
  • Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email and can follow the status of the submitted application via the Pending Transactions page in myVRS.

Pro tip: Update your myVRS user profile with a home email address and ensure other contact information is current. Your myVRS member account will transition to a retiree account after VRS issues your first benefit payment. Once retired, you can log in to myVRS to change your tax withholding, download tax documents and print income verification statements.

New Features

Members and retirees now have access to additional online features.By logging in to myVRS, you can readily review account information and easily maintain certain information.

Beneficiary Management

VRS members and retirees can update beneficiaries online for their VRS defined benefit member account and group life insurance benefits. Members with defined contribution accounts will continue to update beneficiaries directly through their defined contribution account record keeper.

Payment Destination Maintenance

Retirees can now log in to myVRS to set up direct deposit or notify VRS when they change financial institutions or bank accounts and need to redirect their monthly benefit payment.

Health Insurance Credit Maintenance

Instead of filling out and mailing a paper form, retirees eligible for the health insurance credit can now go online to claim the credit, report insurance premium changes or make other adjustments.

Accessing Survivor Benefits

Members or retirees who are receiving survivor benefits based on another VRS member’s account now have access to view their survivor benefits using their personal myVRS account.

Optional Group Life Insurance Maintenance

Eligible members and retirees can now maintain their Optional Group Life Insurance program benefit online by choosing Life Insurance under the My History tab and then selecting the Visit Securian button. On the Securian site, members can purchase additional coverage or choose coverage for a spouse and dependent children. Once enrolled, members can increase, decrease or cancel coverage online. Retirees who carry the benefit into retirement can use myVRS to reduce or cancel optional coverage if desired.