Retired sworn law-enforcement officers may be eligible to return to work full time as a retiree school security officer at a Virginia public school. Positions are full-time; and if you qualify, you will continue to receive your retirement benefits but you will not earn additional service credit .

To be considered for a retiree school security officer position and continue to receive your retirement benefit, you must:

  • Be retired from a sworn law-enforcement officer position covered under VRS.
  • Be hired by a Virginia public school division in a retiree school security officer position.
  • Have a break in service of at least 12 consecutive months between your retirement date and the date you wish to work in a retiree school security officer position. This break in service means not working in any full-time, part-time or volunteer position with a VRS-participating employer, or working for a contractor with any VRS-participating employer.
  • Not have retired with a reduced VRS benefit under an early retirement incentive program (ERIP).
  • Not have retired under the Transitional Benefits Program or the Workforce Transition Act with an enhanced monthly VRS benefit.
  • Not be on VRS disability retirement.
  • Not have a prearranged commitment, either verbal or written, with the school division before your retirement date.

For more information, contact the school division where you would like to work.

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