When you leave employment, you have a number of decisions to make pertaining to your VRS benefits.

Options if You Leave Your Job

If you leave covered employment before retirement, you can:

  • Take a refund of your member contributions and interest. Taking a refund cancels your membership and eligibility for any future benefits; or
  • Leave your funds with VRS and become a deferred member. If you are vested, you may be eligible for a future retirement benefit if you meet the age and service requirements for your plan.

Before you decide: Check your member contribution account balance and view your other benefit information through myVRS. Knowing this information may help you weigh your options if you are thinking of leaving covered employment. Log in or create a secure online myVRS account. You also can contact your human resource office or call VRS toll-free at 1-888-827-3847 for assistance.

Moving to Another Covered Position?

If you move to another covered position with a VRS-participating employer, you will come under the plan provisions of the new position for retirement and other benefits. For more information, refer to the current member handbooks.

Eligible to Retire?

If you are eligible to retire and wish to apply for retirement, visit your online myVRS account. Read more about getting ready to retire.