The hazardous duty supplement amount is evaluated by the VRS actuary every two years. Any increases are made on July 1 and first appear in the August benefit payment for eligible members. The monthly supplement begins at retirement and continues until normal retirement age under Social Security, or until age 65 for eligible VaLORS members. You can defer retirement and still be eligible for the supplement.


You are eligible for the supplement if you retired with at least 20 years of hazardous duty service credit with:

  • The State Police Officers’ Retirement System (SPORS), or
  • The Virginia Law Officers’ Retirement System (VaLORS), with the 1.7% multiplier, or
  • As a VRS-covered sheriff, deputy sheriff, regional jail superintendent, or sworn officer of a regional jail, or
  • In a hazardous duty position with a political subdivision offering enhanced coverage.

You are not eligible for the supplement if:

  • You are at your normal Social Security retirement age or older,
  • You are age 65 or older if you are a VaLORS member at retirement,
  • You retire on disability.

Beneficiaries and survivors are not eligible for the supplement.

Qualifying for the Supplement

Service that counts toward hazardous duty supplement eligibility includes:

  • Service in a VRS-covered position eligible for enhanced hazardous duty coverage
  • Service with a VRS-participating political subdivision that does not provide enhanced coverage, provided you retire from a position eligible for the supplement
  • Prior service credit for refunded VRS hazardous duty service or for an eligible period of leave while covered under VRS in a hazardous duty position provided you purchase or are granted this service.

Service that does not count towards eligibility for the supplement:

  • Active duty military service
  • Hazardous duty service with a non-VRS participating employer

Considerations when you move, retire, leave your job, have a family change or return to work.

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