If you are a state employee and involuntarily separated from employment, you may be eligible for transitional severance benefits under the Workforce Transition Act (WTA).

If you voluntarily resign or retire from state employment, you are not eligible for benefits under WTA.

If you are a Hybrid Retirement Plan member, you may be eligible for severance benefits under the defined benefit component of your plan if you are involuntarily separated from employment. See your human resource office.

For more information about your options under the defined contribution component of the Hybrid Retirement Plan, call toll-free 1-VRS-DC-Plan1 (1-877-327-5261, select Option 1) to speak with an Participant Services Representative.

Eligible Employees

  • Full-time classified state employees and qualifying part-time classified state employees covered by the Virginia Personnel Act.
  • Faculty and administrators of the state's public colleges and universities.
  • Full-time restricted employees in grant-funded positions as defined in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance if the provider of funding assumes financial responsibility for benefits.
  • Full-time classified employees of the following agencies that are exempt from the Virginia Personnel Act:
    • State Corporation Commission
    • Virginia Lottery
    • Virginia Retirement System
    • Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
    • Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals (except judges)
    • Officers and employees of the General Assembly and persons employed to conduct temporary or special inquiries, investigations or examinations on its behalf

Note Certain other groups of employees also are eligible for benefits under WTA. Refer to Section 2.2-3202 of the Code of Virginia for a full listing of those eligible.