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Medical Review

As provided in the Code of Virginia, VRS has hired an independent medical board to review the medical and job information submitted with applications for disability retirement and to recommend to VRS whether to approve or deny an application. The VRS Medical Board is comprised of board-certified physicians and other healthcare professionals.

If you apply for disability retirement, the Medical Board will take into consideration the following questions before making its recommendation to VRS. The Medical Board also may require an independent examination by a specialist. You will be notified in this event. If you refuse the examination, your disability retirement application may be denied.

Is your condition likely to be permanent?

VRS disability retirement is a retirement plan. To qualify for this benefit, your condition must prevent you from performing your job duties on a permanent basis.

Are you receiving medical care for your condition?

You must be under the care of a doctor to be considered for disability retirement. If it has been more than six months since you last saw your doctor, your application could be denied. A phone consultation counts as a visit and will be recorded in your medical file.

Are you complying with your treatment program?

If you do not follow a prescribed treatment program, your application could be denied for non-compliance.

Has VRS received your medical information?

You are responsible for ensuring VRS receives all relevant medical information from each doctor you list on your application. You or your doctor can submit the required medical information. You will be responsible for any costs associated with collecting this information from your doctor.

Is the medical information objective?

A letter from your doctor is an opinion. Results of an examination, test results or x-rays are examples of objective medical evidence.

Does your medical diagnosis relate directly to your ability to do your job?

Being disabled does not automatically qualify you for disability retirement. Your condition must prevent you from performing your job duties. Your employer must submit your job description and other job information, which should explain fully all your required duties at the time of your disability, particularly any physical requirements such as walking, lifting or carrying.

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