If you are working in a covered position from having previously retired under VRS, your next retirement benefit will be recalculated to include the additional service credit earned in your current position as well as any changes in your average final compensation . For an estimate of your next benefit, log into your myVRS account or call the VRS customer counseling center at 1-888-827-3847.

Applying for Subsequent Retirement

You must submit a new Application for Service Retirement (VRS-5) and other required forms and documents and elect the same benefit payout option you elected previously. If you elected the Partial Lump-Sum Option Payment (PLOP) for your previous retirement, you will not receive another PLOP. Your subsequent benefit also will be adjusted for the payment of your first PLOP. If you elected the Advance Pension Option, your subsequent benefit calculation will be adjusted for the temporary increase in your previous benefit. Read more about benefit payout options.

Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)

Any cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) you were receiving with your previous retirement benefit will not resume when you retire again. You will become eligible for a COLA effective July 1 of the second calendar year after your subsequent retirement date. The COLA will be calculated as if you are retiring for the first time.

Retired on Disability?

If you retired on disability and returned to covered employment , you will retire under service retirement when you retire again. The period of time you were retired on disability will be included in the calculation of your service retirement benefit. If you wish to retire on disability again, you must resubmit all required forms and documents for disability retirement and be evaluated again under the medical review process for your new position.

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Member Counseling

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